System Management

edv2g Systemverwaltung

Systemmanagement contains in the understanding of edv2g the world of Windows® as well as the Unix® or Linux® systems. And of course also the peaceful cooperation of systems of both types.

This is why a recommendation for a platform a solution should run on depends from out point of view at first from the current existing environment: systems, knowledge, strategie and know-how in a company.

Starting this way long term relations are built.

An example for such a long lasting cooperation are the management scripts for a larger network in Berlin authority. The begin of the story dates back until 1998. Several adoptions, extensions and optimisations came over the years. After ten years in production the solution was replaced only with the complete replacement of the server and client systems, even a completely new software distribution system is used now.

For small and medium sized enterprises many infrastructure solutions like mail server or firewalls have been installed. In each case a seemless intergration into the existing networks was a major goal. See for example the integration of a non Microsoft mailserver into a Active Directory Environment.  So administrators could continue their work and add new knowledge.

In this way also migration projects like transitions from WindowsNT® to Windows Server 2003 were performed successfully.

Long term experiences are also available with implementation and operation of Ticket systems for supporting the customer relations. As very cost efficient the Open Ticket Request System has proven.

Another hot liked tool is the monitoring system Nagios. So early warnings can be sent when data bases or file systems fill up, the fan of the processor slows his speed or the website of the company is unreachable.

These examples show how cooperation with edv2g can improve the infrastructure of your company.


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