Printing Solutions

Over the past years many Print and Plotmanagement Solutions were implemented for small up to very large companies, in most cases in partnership with H&P Eurosoft. In most cases they are based on UNIX® or Linux® systems. And the excellent products of Autograph International could prove their functionality not only one time.

One example form this category are the mediPRINT appliances. For medical institutions they offer:

  • cost savings by replacing film printouts with paper prints
  • communication via DICOM and other protocols with all medical image generating or storing equipment
  • almost any available printer supported.

Further projects covered the application of printers in industrial environments. For instance the monitoring of the indeed printed number of pages of packaging notes with feed back to the ERP system.

As part of the mentioned examples but also as stand alone soultion we offer extensive know how around the programs of the directtools family. Sorry, their webpage is only in German.


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